Patent Ergos Lose Their Shine

  1. :wtf: I read on the care card that it is normal for the patent Ergos to lose their shine over time. Has anyone experienced this, is there any way to avoid it, and can you get it re-shined?
  2. I don't know about losing their shine. But, when I asked a SA yesterday about the patent leather cracking, she said that the normal life expectancy for the leather is 3-5 years.
  3. i think it's inevitable that patent will sort of dull with time...isn't that just the nature of the material?
  4. Patent Leather Ergo's will lose their shine over time and use. If I get three years from this bag that will be good service. Every bag has a lifespan. If one uses it infrequently as we on the forum do (most of us have a collection of several bags we use) this bag will most likely wear and last longer for us.
  5. I wonder if there's something that will keep them moisturized to at least alleviate the cracking? I'm not about to start experimenting on my gorgeous new baby (got the red hobo yesterday!!!), but it seems like there must be a way to help keep the leather supple.
  6. I know there is something you can spray on patent shoes that will help keep the shine. (Just do a google search for patent leather care) I do not know what will alleviate the leather from cracking?
  7. Please see below for care of patent leather. Apparently there is a patent leather glow shiner made specifically for patent leather. See link below. I am going to purchase it and give it a try down the line when my bags need it.

    Patent leather and poromerics are cleaned in a similar way. Dirt adhering to the coating can be removed with a damp cloth, using a mild soap if needed. Minor scratches and scuff marks in the coating itself can be removed using one of several special purpose patent leather and poromeric cleaners on the market. With wear and tear, patent leather will eventually lose its glossy finish, but will still be smoother than most other types of leather, looking almost rubbery

    Patent leather is relatively easy to maintain. Maintaining that gloss is chalked down to cleaning and shining.
    To clean, use a mild soap or a wet cloth to wipe away dirt from the surface, or use a special patent leather cleaner. If not, remove dust with a soft cloth such as a chamois or a shoe shine cloth and that will go a long way in keeping the finish shiny.
    Do NOT use Vaseline, petroleum jelly or another other grease to shine them. Dust will gather in the grease faster than you can say 'grimy'! Instead, use a special patent leather shiner to give it that 'red carpet' glow.
    Do NOT use household agents like Windex or Pledge furniture polish to clean your patent leather shoes. These are usually too harsh and erode the varnish and ultimately its shine. You can't polish patent leather, so do NOT use any regular shoe polish!
  8. Thanks, LizCordova! The SA that sold me my patent hobo yesterday said that corporate actually TOLD her that Windex worked well for them. I'm glad to see there's patent-specific cleaners and shiners out there, and I'll definitely be getting some. My patent hobo is by far the new queen of my closet, and I want to keep her pretty as long as I can!
  9. it takes a LONG time for patent to lose its shine, we're talking years and years. My mom has a patent leather chanel that she's had forever and carries a lot and its still super shiny

    it's the kind of thing where you prob wont even notice the drop in shine, its not where in a few months the leather is going to be flat

    dont' worry! :no:
  10. thanks for all the info guys...i just got my red ergo hobo yesterday...what a great color she is!
  11. I think that Coach was just doing a little CYA so in a few years, if someone has abused their ergo on a daily basis for years on end they can say "we warned you."

    Honestly, for how many of us is this our everyday bag? She's been heavy in my rotation, but with me that means every 2 weeks or so!