Patent Ergo--Which size and style?

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  1. I've been lusting after the patent ergo hobo (in mahogany) since last year, and am so happy it's back. Now the question is which one: the regular or the large? Or would I prefer the tote? I know many people on here own these...any opinions?
    11012_B4BR_t.jpg 11469_B4BR_t.jpg 11623_B4BR_t.jpg
  2. I want the large patent ergo in red =[
  3. The large hobo style!:tup: I had the white in that bag and I returned it ! Now I could kick myself.:sad:
  4. I would get the large hobo, although it is very large.. but it will slouch and be cute! :tup: If not, I would go for the hobo either way. :yes:
  5. I don't own one, but I like larger bags, and that large one is SOOO gorgeous! Very chic! :love:
  6. I say either go for the tote or large both styles are very cute
  7. I have the pond patent and the black leather, both in the medium tote size, and they are more than large enough for me. One of my Coach SAs brought her large tote out from the back for me to see, and it was HUGE! Waaaay too big for me for anything other than an overnight bag! I also have the plum belted hobo in medium, but I definitely prefer the look of the totes.
  8. love the large hobo
  9. I love the medium brown patent... I saw it at the boutique and it is so awesome in person!
  10. Large hobo!!!
  11. I have the large in mahogany, and large is the only way to go. I LOVE mine.
  12. i think the large is so cute.
  13. Large hobo, just saw it tonight in store and love it!
  14. I think the tote is beautiful!!!
  15. I have the large hobo in black and love it. It doesn't feel as big when your stuff is in it, and it slouches on your shoulder. But I also have an Ergo tote (turquoise leather), and love that too. I like that I don't have to dig around as much in the tote, and I may get the tote in the mahogany patent myself.