Patent Ergo Question

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  1. Hi
    I was just at the Coach store checking out what I am going to get for the PCE event. My store does not have the Ergo Patent, but they will order it for me. I like it in black, but now I see they are available in that true? Also the SA told me she saw one at a local department store that was patent but was a "crinkled patent leather" I would want mine to be smooth patent..anyway I know I am obsessing..but if anyone has this bag, could you give me some feedback on how you like it?? Thanks so much...I am being induced with my second child tomorrow so I think I really need to buy something tonight!!!
  2. WOW!! congrats on the baby! you do deserve something fabulous.

    I just got my red hobo today and LOVE it. it is a crinkly patent but still gorgeous.
  3. oh wow!! congrats on the new baby!!

    I think that leater on any ergo hobo would get crinkly over time if it wasn't already

    if you're willing to wait until fall, my SA said they were coming out with patent gallery totes
  4. I have the black version and truthfully the crinkly finish to the patent is what sold me on it, it's so soft and smushy. So yes, if you ordered it from your SA it would have the crinkle finish. I think the crinkle finish makes it hip and young, and not so "stuffy."
  5. i just ordered the red patent hobo today! congrats on the baby!--how exciting! i'm 25 weeks preggers and wish i was the one ready to give birth!
  6. Congrats on the baby!

    Yes, you definately need the fabulousness of the red patent ergo. It's amazing, eye-catching, and red always makes you feel wonderful!
  7. congrats momma!

    I agree w/ krispin, the crinkle finish makes the bag more hip n fresh. Not the patent that your grandmother carried back in the day.
  8. Thanks everyone!! My SA did not tell me about the red I saw it on the boards, but I will have to ask...It is funny I am going to the hospital this morning to have my baby, and last night I had a really great dream about my new bag that I am going to get!! I think it might actually help me get through the labor knowing I am going to get a great bag when it is weird is that?? Thanks for the advice I will post when I get back!
  9. hope everything goes super! congratz!

    post pics of your bag when you get it!
  10. A baby and a new bag! CONGRATS!!!
  11. I just ordered the Mahogany Ergo Patent Hobo for the PCE. I will post pictures when I get it. I think the Mahogany one is beautiful.
  12. is mahogany the brown? my SA told me about it, but my heart was set on red! cant wait to see it..
  13. mahogany is beautiful!!!

    msflutter: mahogany is a brown with a bit of a reddish maroon tint, it's beautiful and would go great with either black or brown (mahogany was one of the colors of the patent gallery totes from holiday 2006)
  14. Darn! I have tried both coach boutiques where I live Raleigh, NC to see if they would order the patent tote for me for the PCE and I was told, "NO" by both of them. The reason given by both was that it was an item to be released in July so doesn't qualify for PCE.

    Anyways, I will be in New York on 6/11-6/15 so I'm just going to hang onto my card until then. Can any of you New Yorker's that were able to get your SA to order you a 11012 share which store and SA? Thanks!
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