Patent Ergo OR new Brown Carly?

  1. What is more classic? timeless? I don't want to be looking "so 2007" with an expensive bag that is out-of-fashion in 2008 and beyond. Thanks!
  2. Do you mean the Vintage Leather Ergo? I say go with the Ergo! It's soo pretty! Which one were you looking at, tote or hobo?
  3. Also debating with the same issue, but I think carly is a style that will last for a long time.
  4. I love the Brown Carly -- the Carly shape is classic and the Brown will go with anything because it's a neutral color!

  5. I just received the Brown Patent Leather Hobo and it is absolutely gorgeous. I think that patent leather goes through cycles where it is more popular than other times. That being said I believe that Patent Leather is a classic, especially this type from Coach. I will wear it now and in a year from now and don't think it will become dated at all. I will post pictures tonight of my bag to help you make your decision. In my opinion you should get either the Ergo Patent Hobo in the color of your choice or the Ergo Vachetta Hobo No. 11010. They are both timeless, classic bags which you will wear for years to come.
  6. OMGosh I was just pondering this exact dilemma! I LOVE the Ergo patent hobo and I really love the look of the chocolate Carly. I have a canvas Carly with pear trim that is an adorable bag but I have yet to use it because I am wearing so much green this season but it doesn't go with the pear! I think I should (reluctantly) return that Carly and either get a patent Ergo hobo (black or mahogany) or the large sig Carly (chocolate or khaki/black) What to do, what to do! I want to do this during the PCE so I can take advantage of the discount.
  7. Patent is much more likely to go in and out of style, whereas the Carly will always be in. Go for the classic look of the Carly.
  8. ^I agree about the patent.

    Patent will never fully go away I don't think, as it keeps popping up every couple of years. So if you buy the patent ergo you will get good use out of it, but maybe not every year or every time of year.

    With the Carly, it's a simple style, classic look, and the chocolate sig is understated, which will help it stay classic I think. I would say this bag would be useable every year.

    All of that being said though, what it really comes down to is what you like. Who cares if fashion magazines or designers say that patent is out next year? Do designers actually design for real people like us anyway? No! So who cares about their opinion on things?

    When it comes to Coach bags, I don't know if there are really very many of them that you will be able to look at down the road and say it's no longer in fashion. They're classic designs.

    Buy the one you like the best. If you think you'll eventually be buying both, then I would say probably go for the patent first, as it might sell out before the Carly. It's been out longer, and Coach doesn't do a lot of patent stuff. Plus, the chocolate Carly looks like a fall bag, so it will probably be around for a while.
  9. I don't think you can really go wrong with either. Just pick the one you personally love more and make it work with your style.
  10. Chocolate carly is my fav!
  11. I had my eyes on the ergo.
  12. well said!

    wear whatever you love, dont worry about what's 'in' or not, patent leather is always classic, just sometimes more in style than others.

    the carly is also gorgeous, just get whatever one is calling you more :yes:
  13. I personally like the patent ergo better b/c the shape is more fun and Coach's patent is timeless. The quality is so great!
  14. LMAO, which one do you think I'll say?!?!
  15. ^I just got off the phone with Miss Cleo and she said patent ergo!

    But I used my own, nonexistant, psychic abilities and I predict chocolate Carly!