Patent Ergo in Nordie's catalog...

  1. Just got it today. I'm really salivating now!


    There were also these cool sunglasses with the creed on the side:

    patent-ergo.jpg sunglasses.jpg
  2. I'm not much in to patent leather. I guess I've never actually layed my hands on a real patent leather purse - so we'll have to see. For me it's just a little girls shoes material. I remember my first pair of patent leather pumps....I was 8 and it was LOVE.
  3. I like it! Are you going to add it to your collection?
  4. oooh, i love it more than from teh macys catalog!
  5. I am very tempted by the Ergo in patent leather. It has that "dressy casual" thing going on!
  6. I love it! Thanks for the pics!
    Do you think it will come in other colors?
  7. Patent is a Beautiful Bag. I like it!!
  8. it's coming in red and something else...white, maybe?
  9. They described it as "crinkled" patent leather. There was a Chloe I was lusting after in this type of patent near Xmas....this is a much better price (but I still love that Chloe, LOL). I liked that it had the bit of texture to it, which this certainly looks like.

    Oh, it's $458. And there is a red coming according to my SA (she also said for the July floorset).

    Glasses are "Molly."
  10. I want to. We'll see. :graucho:
  11. Ohhh I'm liking that Patent Ergo more and more. I didn't buy any Ergo - style bags, but this maybe my one ergo bag!!!! July huh???
  12. I really like the Ergo.
  13. red?!?!!!?!? wow that looks like it would be to die for in red!
  14. LOVE both of those.
  15. Pretty, pretty - I agree with kallison, it looks better there than in the Macy's catalog.