Patent Ergo Hobo on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. i cant wait for the other colors :smile:
  2. SO pretty!

    There are some on eBay already!
  3. Its lovely. I look forward to seeing the other colors too.
  4. My Mom said she will get me the black one for my birthday! :yahoo::graucho:

  5. NICE!:yahoo:
    When is your birthday??!!!
  6. It's coming up: May 17th!
  7. HOORAY!
    Can't wait to see pics!

    I bet its GORGEOUS in person!:yes:
  8. ohhh it is coming up!! cant wait to see real life picss of the bag! :smile:
  9. *pets patent leather* :drool:
  10. OOH! That white looks very nice!
  11. The Coach boutique I went to today isn't getting the patent Ergo bags. The SA said they are special/limited edition and they won't be in all the stores?? The Macy's I went to didn't have it either!! I need to see it before I buy it!!
  12. OOOO I really like that white one!!!!
  13. I want!!!!!!! What a glorious bag!! Black Please. Red would be delicious too. *sigh*
  14. *sigh* I want one :beach: