Club Patent Ergo Club!!! Please Join Me In My Love Of Shiny Leather!

  1. Okay, I just purchased the patent ergo and I am so so in love with it! On behalf of my new baby, I feel it is time for her own club! Post pics! Talk about her! Whatever you it here! :heart::heart:
    my patent baby!.jpg
  2. Congrats... Love it
  3. I don't own one so I can't join your club (yet). But I am rather fond of the mahogany patent hobo!!!! :drool: I drool everytime I see it!
  4. Me too!!!!!!!! Me too!!!!!!
  5. yay! thanks for the lovin girls. I really love the mahogany and coral ones...but I have a hard time buying the same exact style purse (particularly patent) in different colors.
  6. I have the red and the black. I haven't carried the black one yet though (lol red is getting all my attention).

  7. Wow, JAP4life and angelica, you guys have AMAZING bags!!!! I love them all!!! Great bags!!!!
  8. I purchase a patent mahogany hobo at the last PCE...I love it.
  9. Gorgeous bag!
  10. Everytime I see the black patent I drool a little bit, but I can't seem to bring myself around to getting one...even though I have flats that would match it perfectly......

    Gorgeous bag....congrats!!
  11. I have the Ergo Patent Mahogany Hobo and I love her. She is a great bag!
    IMG0001_6.jpg IMG0001_5.jpg
  12. My red Ergo! (and Ali who always has to be in the picture! :smile:)
  13. I love those patent ergos!
  14. Yay for you!! The color is absolutely beautiful. I am lusting after that one and the red, but so far I only have the black one, which I adore...
    Coach Patent Ergo Hobo 070818.jpg

    Here she is hanging out with her other Hobo girlfriends...
    Coach Hobos 070818 010.jpg
  15. :heart:I have the hobos in black and white and the tote in red!!! I love shiny bags!!!