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Jun 20, 2007
so i have had to return to patent bags to coahc bc they cracked. decided to try MK. havent even gotten that one out of the house and it has cracked!!! is patent ust not good? anyone have issues? so upset.


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Apr 15, 2008
i was reading yesterday about history of patent, they used to use boiled linseed oil. nowadays they use plastic because it's much easier and cheaper. i am afraid to buy it after reading how many people have issues with it. i hope you can take the bag back. i like the look and feel of patent, however i opt for glazed leather now instead.

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Jun 9, 2007
I have a pair of Ferragamo patent pumps that I continue to stuff and trip over, but they look perfect! I keep expecting problems after I wear them, but they're indestructible. Maybe it's the quality of the patent that makes a difference?


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Nov 25, 2008
When I had to restock on shoes and bought three pairs of the same style, I bought them *all* in patent leather because I trusted the durability of patent. I've worn one of the pairs nearly nonstop for almost 8 months now, and they look so much better than all the other leather shoes (non-patent)that I've worn for the same amount of time and/or less! I seriously do not take any special care with them at all the way most women do with their shoes, i.e. walk extra cautiously, take a car ride instead of just walking to avoid ruining them, put them back in the shoe box, etc. I do nothing of that nature.

I've only used one of my patent bags for more than a week, and that one is one that I've used for only about 2.5 months or so regularly, so I cannot really speak of my experience with patent bags, but it has held up very, very well so far.


Apr 30, 2009
I have an Anya Hindmarch bag (in my avatar) that I used almost every day for a month or two and it has held up very well ... it was very soft/flexible to begin with and has a bit of a subtle wrinkled texture- maybe that is why is has been more resilient?


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May 4, 2008
it depends on the brand and quality of leather.... My Longchamp patent wallet has taken daily abuse of thrown into my work bag with all sorts of objects (keys, pencils, papers) but has no cracks or wrinkle or scratches. It still looks as new and has become more supple with time!


Mar 23, 2006
When you say cracked, gabz, do you mean literally cracked, as in split? Or just creased?

I've never had patent split, thank goodness, but if it's the traditional kind, I think it can scratch quite easily.

I find you can normally buff it back up, fairly successfully, with a soft white cloth, though.

Lighter patents can also suffer from colour transfer, if you wear them with darker clothes (e.g. black, or dark denim), or allow them to touch other leather goods and from what I understand, there's really not much you can do about it. :nogood:

I have three bags with patent finishes - an older (A/W '01, I think?) black mock croc Prada Pochette, an A/W '06 black fishscale Alexander McQueen Mini-Novak and a S/S '09 raspberry/maroon (they call it Purple, but it so isn't!) Chloe Elsie Clutch.

I found the Prada (which has a traditional, stiff, patent finish) to be very durable, although somewhat prone to scratches.

I went to a party with it and someone must have spilt an alchoholic drink on it, which dulled it, but it buffed back up to a very acceptable finish, IMO.

I also, absentmindedly (I think I was half asleep, TBH!), put it through an airport X-ray machine without putting it in a basket first and that scratched it, a bit; but, again, it improved greatly with buffing. :biggrin:

I have to say, I'm not overly bothered if black patent mock croc looks a bit vintagey, though (might feel a bit different if it was plain patent?). :nogood:

Still haven't used the AM, yet (I've only had it three years, after all!), so I don't know how resilient it is, TBH; but I reckon it will be OK, from the look of it (I think the scales may be a bit delicate, where they have been bent to form a zip-pull, but that isn't an issue specific to the patent finish, of course).

I didn't think I liked plain (as in non-textured) patent, particularly, until I saw the Chloe...

Actually, I'm not entirely sure that it is even, technically, what I would call patent? :shrugs:

It's more like a soft, slightly wrinkly, unfinished lambskin, that has been hand dyed and then had a highly flexible (it flexes and creases with the leather) resin glaze applied to it.

You can still see all the beautiful variations in the colour and the texture and wrinkles in the leather through the resin - whereas, with traditional patent, I believe it has some paint added in the final layer, which gives it that opaque look?

I've used the Chloe a couple of times, now and it appears to be holding up very well. It gets a bit dull where it's been handled but, again, it buffs! :biggrin:

It has a couple of, very tiny, specks of black in the resin - not sure if that's due to colour transfer from my clothes? Or whether they were just trapped in the resin when it was first applied?

Can't say it bothers me. :nogood:

I like that patent (or resin-coated, or whatever it actually is!) is relatively waterproof - makes me feel a little less nervous in certain situations - like at the hairdresser, or at a bar, or restaurant. :smile:
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