Patent double flap?? Has anyone seen it IRL?

  1. Hi All!
    I saw a black patent single flap bag yesterday in NM, it just came in there. It was about the size of a large caviar leather single flap bag (although it was more flattened out and kind of pointy at the top. I will try to get a picture when I go back.). Has anyone seen that one?
    Also, has anyone seen a patent double flap around anywhere in person (like the one shown below)? And does it come in anything besides blue? If you have seen it, or if you have it, would you say that it holds alot? What do you think of it?

    (The pictures here are from the Chanel blog section.)

    Also, does the red one pictured here come in another patent color besides red?
    chanel_metallic_double_flap_handbag.jpg chanel_double_flap_handbagred.jpg
  2. Here is an update from the post above.
    The pictures here are the black patent single flap that I was trying to describe (and probably doing a poor job of it!). Do you see how it is kind of flat? I ended up getting it, as it was the only one that they had left in the store. Will have to decide between this and the navy double flap, just got off the phone with the SA at NM and she said she just got one in and will hold it for me. (I don't know if it is the same as pictured above or not, will have to wait and see)

    What is your opinion of the black patent one versus the navy double flap??
    patent2.jpg patent1.jpg patent3.jpg patent4.jpg
  3. I have seen this bag in person. It's beautiful. My Neiman Marcus boutique has had it available for weeks now. I'm waiting on the patent reissues.
  4. Yes they have patent double flaps every year....
    Its gorgeous.
  5. Its gorgous @ xochrissie
  6. It's quite unusual-looking -- the top part is very unexpected!
  7. Love your polish!:yes:
  8. ^Thanks! :cutesy::smile:
  9. Chanel's patent bags are amazing. I have a black patent classic flap bag and it's just stunning! I'll post pics of it tomorrow.
  10. This is a beautiful bag! May I ask how much it is? :shame:
  11. indeeed how much is that beauty:shame:?
  12. That bag is hot and so is the nail polish xochrissie!
  13. Here's a really bag pic of my black patent timeless classic, it's such an amazing bag IRL.

  14. I :heart: that much??