Patent Croc Stamped Dior Bags

  1. I just wanted to say that I was a the Dior store today and saw these new Patent Croc-Stamped bags and they are HOT! Well, to my eyes anyway! You have to see them in person because the color and sheen on them are amazing. I haven't seen anyone else write about them (or my forum searching skills are poor) so I'm not sure if that's because they are really new (I haven't been to Dior for awhile) or that no one else likes them!

    Anyway, I just fell in love with one of these bags. I'm not sure which one. I had to rush out of there before I whipped out my credit card. It's not the one on Eluxury and it's not the regular Gaucho (which is also a beaut in person). I just had to share.
  2. uuugh i better not see that bag ! :nuts:i cant afford buying anything at the moment ! :lecture: