Patent Croc Print Muse!! Pics!!

  1. I finally took pics of my muse. I got in while in Vegas at the end of July. I LOVE it. Sorry for the crummy pics. I just took them on my Mac since I couldn't be bothered to upload them from a camera. I'll take more/better pics once I am dressed better lol.
    Photo 201.jpg Photo 202.jpg Photo 203.jpg
  2. what an amazing bag! congrats! did you use it in the summer?
  3. Gorgeous! The OS size looks fantastic on you, too! Has it become one of your favorite bags?
  4. Thankyou guys! alisonanna, I definitely used it in the summer. It's my first huge bag and once I used it I couldn't even think about using another bag. I have to say I LOVE the OS size. It is one of my fav bags. The patent leather on this bag is the most amazing patent I have felt before. Since I have got it it's the only bag I've used.
  5. Very nice!! Love it!
  6. its gorgeous.. I just got mine on tuesday and its already one of my favorite bags...and the OS looks great on you
  7. that is one gorgeous bag! thanks for sharing!
  8. OMG! That is STUNNING!!! :drool:
  9. Congrats!!! It's Gorgeous!!!
  10. cute! enjoy!
  11. congrats!!!!enjoy it...i love patent must too!!!
  12. Gorgeous bag! Want one too:drool:. Congrats!!
  13. Wow, your bag is really stunning.
  14. thanks guys! I definitly LOVE this bag and the leather....mmmm
  15. WOW!:love: