Patent colors for spring

  1. For those lucky few who have been to the trunk shows recently can you tell me what colors you've seen in patent? My SA called yesterday and was gushing over pale gold patent that was in the reference book. He hadn't even seen it IRL but said it would probably be shown in the Madison Ligne (?).
  2. pale gold patent? Sounds interesting.. wonder if it will be sparkly gold patent or more like a creamy gold? :shame: LOL do i make any sense?
  3. oh i wish thats true.. it would be amazing!
  4. ooh if it was a sparkly gold that would look awesome!
  5. Oooo...I wanna know too- it does sound gorgeous!
  6. omg, a pale gold patent? it sounds very sparkly, pretty and DELISH!!
  7. Ohhhh wow, I love gold, and I love patent - sounds like a gorgeous combo!

  8. Yeah it's just like it sounds, pale gold patent..from what I saw though, no sparkles.
  9. Is that the color of that little wristlet bag? I like. The luxury line is coming out in a great blue patent color as well as black and white.
  10. Gold patent? wow - that sounds awesome - have to check that out! :yes: