Patent clutch, please....

  1. I really need a black patent leather clutch but I have no idea where to find a really nice one that will look both trendy and classic at the same time.I don't mind spending quite a bit on it if I have to.

    I would really appreciate any suggestions you ladies may have...

    PS:the bigger the better!:smile:
  2. Lorelei makes lovely clutches and seems to have a great sale section. There are several sites that sell the brand, but I think their website is
  3. Also, on Bluefly do a search for Hype handbags, there are some cute clutch wallets that aren't too expensive, and they are very trendy!

    Good Luck!
  4. How about Goldenbleu's Katie clutch? At

  5. Thanks for all your suggestions...I'll check them out now.I'll let y'all know what I decide on.
  6. Halocom, some of these bags are adorable!!!! I want to do a bulk order from them right now...this forum is pure evil :drool:
  7. Goldenbleu has several nice black patent clutches. Check out their website.
  8. I'm in love with the black patent Kooba clutch called Penelope. Cute!
  9. go for a chanel timeless patent clutch..

    classic and fashion....:tup:
  10. This Anya Hindmarch patent clutch from is trendy with the jewels/studs, but also a classic shape:
  11. Another vote for the Chanel Timeless Clutch in patent black. :yes: It's on my list!