Patent Classic Flap in black or navy

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  1. Hello, I am looking for Patent Classic flap in black or navy with silver hardware. (in medium size!) :smile:
    If you have seen any of these bags, please let me know!

  2. Hi orion616! I'm actually going to return a patent navy medium classic flap with silver hardware to Nordstrom Mall of America. Call Lucas at 952-883-2121 x1390! :smile:
  3. thank you so much, Jenn! I a so excited!!
  4. No problem! ;) I'm going to go to the Nordies in LA tonight to return it and I think they'll send it back to Lucas...not sure though so definitely give him a call. It's a beautiful bag, please share photos with us when you get it!! :yes:
  5. butterfliie- why are you returning it?

    also can you please come back and post if indeed Nordstrom LA will take back a chanel since they dont carry chanel there? I need to return a chanel, but was told it needs to be mailed back and nords only works with DHL and there is no DHL counter near me. thanks.
  6. I'm returning it because I'm not head-over-heels-crazy-in-love. It's in perfect pristine condition and is such a beautiful color, but it's just not for me. Maybe I need to get my head checked!! :P I'll post back and let you know if I'm able to return at the Grove.

  7. great, please post when you get back :P
  8. I ended up not going to the Grove tonight, too tired to fight through traffic. But I spoke to the customer service department and you can return a Nordstrom purchase to any Nordstrom store. If they don't carry a particular item or have a specific department, they can't process the return right then and there. They'll just ship it back to the original store and the SA will return it and credit your account then.
  9. thank you. I obviously have idiots working at my local nordstrom. I called prior to going in and the SA in handbags told me over and over again that I need to mail it. Hello?? people work and cannot sit at home waiting for good ol' DHL to do a pickup...she told me I need to talk to a manager...what the hell? anyways, Im just going to go there and make them take it back..nordstrom is nordstrom..I dont want to responsibile for a $3k bag should it get lost somewhere in transit!!

    thanks for the update
  10. wanted to add: talked to nordstrom in my area, they wont take back any designer bags they dont carry. They wont even accept it and return it to the original location. Some type of claim.

    she said to visit DHL and find authorized shippers..what a load of crap.

    in your case butterfliie, you can take it to canoga park, CA which isnt far from LA and return it since nordstroms there sells chanel handbags..ugh.
  11. How weird and annoying!! I confirmed that I'm able to return it to Nordstrom @ The Grove and they will ship it back to Nordstrom MOA on my behalf.
  12. lucky brat!!!


    the nordstroms in my area sells high end brand bags including chloe, MJ,balenciaga etc..but wont accept it because they dont want to be held accountable for it..

    im thinking I rather just drive down to canoga and return it, its only a 4-5hr drive LOL
  13. Not worth the time OR gas!! It's pretty :wtf: that they won't accept it IMHO.
  14. I just got off the phone with the manager who is now saying she will take it back, but needs to call the original store for return authorization and would mail it back to them...what a damn hassle. Atleast, Im not paying for return shipping.
  15. Oh good! I'm so glad :yes: