Patent Chocolate Chain Betty on BG NOW.

  1. Let the blood letting begin.
  2. LOL what is BG?
  3. and has Ollie, Betty and a few others at 50% right now.
  4. Great bag!!!
  5. Got this baby...wonderfully chic and edgy bag. I love the look.

  6. Lands isn't it!!!!!!!! A stunner. I have it as well. A PF'er had to be the owner for this go around.!!!!!!!:nuts:
  7. Oh it's still there along with the Ollie .......
    Someone get these --- PLEASE, my purse ban is REALLY in effect!
  8. i am looking for the whiskey edith, of course, on sale...
    but, it seemed... no way...
  9. I have it too Suze! Imagine - sisters with the exact same purse! I don't care - we just can't wear it out together. Actually I like it so much that I wouldn't care if we did - LOL!
  10. I have this bag, too. It is just gorgeous. I hope whomever got it loves their bag as much as I do mine!
  11. Looks like all the Chloés on sale at have been wiped out!
  12. I wonder if they just took them:confused1: There were so many there yesturday now there's nothing:shrugs:

    Eucalyptic: how did your search go for the medium Tracy? I met an SA (for Nordies)in Maryland today she seems very helpful pm me if you want her info.
  13. boo hoo! :sad: I went to NM IRL today to check out what the patent choco looks like. It's GORGEOUS! So I went back on their website to take the plunge...and the bag is gone! Waah!! :crybaby: Should've just snatched it up when I had the chance. Oh well, the bank account is better off this way, I suppose.
  14. Hi ali_w. Your SA was not there when I called. The one who answered said they don't have the Whiskey and anyway, they don't do online price matches. Argghhhhh, same runaround I got when I called Valley Fair! I'm headed to the Grove to check if they have it today and I'll bring my printout to be sure. Thanks for all your help!
  15. The choc patent chain Betty is beautiful, I waited (trying to justify another one)first go round and they were gone, then decided I had to have it..............I kept checking the BG website and it popped up again, I received it last's a beauty, of course, the Betty is my fav.
    Keep checking, I've seen it pop up several times the last few days.......great bag!! The red patent and black patent are still at full price ($1840) at NM, so keep trying, it's a deal!!;)