Patent Chloes....

  1. Will you wear them in the summer or are they only for winter and spring wear?

    I went from no patent bags to two in one week, The heloise and dome paddy satchel:yahoo:!!! I can so picture them with cute jeans( or skirt) and a tank top in the summer but it seems that it would be to hot to carry patent.
    So let me know what you ladies think about patent in the summer:girlsigh:!

  2. I think they're all-rounders - every time I feel unsure about something, I try to think about how it would look it an ad. So, for example, try to imagine what your patent Chloes would look like on a model in a Chloe summer campaign - wearing the patent bag with a little dress and cute shoes... or some smart, tailored shorts and a flimsy shirt (tucked in) on a hot summer night in the city! Yep - patents will be fine in summer (or so my imagination says LOL).
  3. Ali W...

    I was just wondering the exact same thing. I asked a friend who has 2 patent Chloe's if she would stop carrying them in the summer and she said "No Way!"

    I've noticed many shoe designers, not just Chloe, are using patent for their spring lines so I guess why not summer?? I wonder if sweltering summer heat might make your feet stick with a patent shoe, whereas with a patent handbag there would be no such problem would there?

    Thanks for posing the question...have a nice weekend!!!
  4. I don't see why patent in summer is a no-no... I think it only depends on the design and the color, and of course your personal taste...

    I guess black knee high patent stilleto boots are not for summer time. Other then that... Why not carry whatever bag you like?

  5. I love your way of looking at it:tup:!!! I can picture both bags with a fab summer dress and strapy sandals at a mid summer(casual) cocktail party:yes:!!!
  6. You are so welcome!!! I just want to make sure I exercise proper patent wear etiquette:lol:. I know I'm going to want to carry those baby's in the summer but didn't want the fashion police to site me:upsidedown:! I guess I was thinking of the way patent shoes would feel when its hot, but you are totally right that wouldn't apply to a handbag. The proximity to the body is not as close as shoes .
  7. Patent Chloe's RULE..I want more!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I've never thought of patent as a winter thing. No worries!
  9. I would wear them anytime too!
  10. For some reason I always thought of patent for spring but I think that's b/c of the white patent shoes at Easter :pas a kid - now I think it's an anytime & love the look of it in the winter & looking forward to using bright patents this spring & summer :tup:
  11. Just coming back from an outing at our 'high end' mall, patent is everywhere for spring, I really think patent has made it's mark in the fashion industry. My patents get so many compliments, how could we not carry them year round. I live in FL where it gets sticky hot and I plan on carring mine all summer.
  12. Patent - all the time. Every minute, hour, day. It WORKS!
  13. The rules have really changed! Back in the "day" (many years ago), patent and anything white was not to be worn after labor day. It was strictly for spring/summer. Also, suede was not to be worn after memorial day. It was strictly for fall/winter.

    But, the rules have changed!!! Wear your patent and suede whenever you want to!!!! :supacool:
  14. I agree with everyone - Patent is definitely huge for spring and can be used all year long. Chloe's patent is just stunning as well!
  15. I love Chloe patents - the lambskin is soooo soft - It's definately different from other patents I've seen & felt - I'm loving patent right now :yes: