patent Chloe owners, please help!

  1. I got a choco patent Betty from Intermix today. It's gorgeous...BUT, on one of the front pockets, the patent seems different than on the rest of the bag. It's about a 3-4 inch circle of smoothness, vs on the rest of the bag, which is more "wrinkly." Is this normal? I'm worried that maybe the "laminated" surface is lifting up off of the leather and may peel up over time. The Intermix CS person was not too helpful. I have the option to return it, since it's defective, but there are no more left.

    What do you ladies think?

    I can try to upload pics later, but pics of a patent bag tend to not show up too well.

    Thanks for any input you have!
  2. Does it feel like the patent is lifting? Does it move under your finger? I have a choco patent and after inspecting it I did not see any"smoothness" worth mentioning. It could be a manufacturing defect. If it's solid I wouldn't worry about it especially if you love the purse. Is it blatantly obvious?
  3. I haven't noticed that on my patent bag either....
  4. No, no lifting up, and it's not obvious unless you are looking closely. I can always wear the bag with that part against my body, KWIM? I'm just more worried about what it means for the bag in the long run.

  5. There were tiny sections on my purse that seemed more smooth then others. The "wrinkling" was there but more muted (for lack of words). Do you see faint wrinkling under this spot or is it totally void of that?

    If you got a great price and it's not lifting I'd let it go. Isn't that bag to die for?
  6. I brought it in to Chloe at South Coast Plaza today to have them look at it. I figured, who better to know other than the Chloe people, right?

    They think it's a manufacturing defect - that the patent did not seal well to the leather during the manufacturing process. They couldn't say whether or not it would affect the longevity of the bag.

    I'm going to address it with Intermix to see if they would be willing to discount the bag further for me because of that.

    I'm still waiting for a price match on the bag anyhow - the price went down by over $200 within hours of my placing the order online. *UGH!!!* Intermix is "checking on" whether or not a price match can be done. It seems obvious that it should, but not to them, apparently.

    Thanks for your help, everyone. The bag is really quite lovely, but I feel anxious about this spot. Probably silly, I know.