Patent Chanel durability

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  1. help please - thinking about buying a Chanel Black Patent Lux Bowler. Does anyone own one and whats the durability like. Am a LV girl normally and my SA said that LV make their bags to last approx 20 years and look good.My oldest is 10 years and looks pretty ok, certainly not embarrased to take it out, if a bit " used " looking. Whats the Chanel durability like? help appreciated ladies
  2. ^^ you would get more help if you put this in the Chanel Subforum. Welcome to TPF
  3. many thanks for helping the newbie fashion mom :biggrin:
  4. I own several patent Chanels. No problems w/ any yet. I haven't had them that long tho. The only issues are finger prints. Some show worse than others :sad:(