patent chain strap betty

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  1. [​IMG]
    any thoughts on this bag? it's on sale at the bergdorf website but they don't have it in the store so i haven't seen it in person...:shrugs:...thanks!
  2. I have never seen IRL, sorry.
  3. thanks anyway, i appreciate the response! :flowers:

    i may order it since i can get free shipping...i just can't decide if it will look kinda cool and rock and roll or :wtf:
  4. Really neat. NM had it on Tuesday!
  5. I've seen it IRL and it's really nice! The patent sheen is very subtle and the bag is pretty light. I loved the look and actually held it in front of a mirror. So cute! I'd get it.
  6. dear nycmom:
    I have the older version in wht (w/o the side pockets) and it is kind of rock and roll feeling to it.

    I usually like traditional style but now I am more open to exploring hip bags and this one, the size is PERFECT!!!

    Hope this info helps...
  7. nycmom,
    I saw this bag yesterday in a deep red --- OMG - I wanted it! It's beautiful! Great shoulder size, and comfortable with that leather panel on the chain strap.
    Good Luck!
  8. thanks so much noshoepolish, nerdphanie, morganng and justonemore! :heart:
  9. I have seen this bag IRL too and I think it's fantastic! I'm not sure how comfortable the strap would be if you were going to wear it for long periods of time, but I really love this bag. I have a MJ venetia in black with silver hardware that has a similar vibe to me (though less rock n'roll :supacool:), otherwise I'd be all over this one!

    Let us know if you decide to get it!
  10. thank you kmsnyc! i ordered it :blush:
  11. ^:heart: congrats!
  12. Yay nycmom! Congrats! Glad to be of any help ;). You were the one who alerted me to the one-day NM sale that I got my patent betty from after all! Isn't tPF the greatest? :heart:
  13. thanks ethan&me! and i agree nerdphanie, with all the sales in the last week i know i've been able to help at least two people find bags they wanted and i've gotten so much info myself...i :heart: it!
  14. thanks so much for all your help (especially kmsnyc for putting up with all my questions and obsessing over the color)! although i thought the chocolate was beautiful i decided i would get more use out of black patent and very luckily found one also on sale and for even less at kirna zabete. i just posted a photo in the reference section for anyone who wants to see it worn...thanks again! :heart:
  15. Yayyyy :yahoo: