Patent Botkier Bianca in Marine Blue Patent- in large?

  1. Does this bag only come in the medium size, or is it available somewhere in the large size? tia
  2. I have only seen it in medium on the botkier site and at Nordstrom. Have you seen it IRL? If so, what did you think? When I saw it wasn't quite what I imagined from the online pics. The bianca is one of my very favorite styles, but I wasn't in love with the patent. Just my $.02!
  3. You didn't like it,belle? Kinda loud isn't it. If one wants to be noticed this is the perfect bag!

    I admit I was thinking about buying it..I love your face colors. But found it too in your slap you silly in your face. So I passed.

    But....if I happen to find a cute little outfit that needs a little something,something....

  4. It only comes in medium. There is also a clutch available, but there are no larger sizes.

    I think the blue is really beautiful!
  5. This was my experience as well. I have no problem with bright colors or patent (in fact I love both!) so I pre-ordered the bag based on the gorgeous Nordie's pics. But IRL, the patent looks ... not as great. Color also not as great.

  6. ITA about the patent looking not so hot IRL. I don't super love patent in general but I found this patent to be particularly plastic-y in person. I don't mind the color as much - if it were yummy, soft lambskin like the other Bianca's I might actually love it. I think it's the patent that makes it too "loud," as Maddie put it. :smile:
  7. I thought I would love this bag even though it's a real KA-POW shade of blue. Then I saw someone carrying it and I was glad I didn't order one. I love the Bianca and have a large one in Cherry that a dear friend picked up for me at a sample sale!!
  8. i just bought the blue in patent...i think its beautiful~
  9. i want the marine patent in the medium size, but is sold out at my Nordstrom store.

    I think that the blue is sold out on the botkier site in the medium bianca as well.

    Is this one going to be hard to track down?

    I have been obsessing over this bag since january!
  10. I haven't seen it in a larger size than medium, but I have seen it in the mini size!