Patent Bordeaux Ramona?

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  1. Recently, I came across Jimmy Choo's Ramona and the smaller Rikki version, and I really loved the styling of the bag. :love: The bordeaux patent leather caught my eye, as a unique color for the fall/winter.

    But, do you think the patent leather coupled with the hardware is too loud in the larger Ramona size? The other alternative would be to get it in plain black since I already have more than enough brown/honey colored bags.

    What do you all think?
  2. I don't think so. I love that Jimmy Choo bag. I just don't want to pay Jimmy Choo price. I wish it was less expensive, but if you really want it and have the funds, I say go for it.
  3. The price of the Ramonas definitely has me feeling :sad:. What is strange is that the patent bordeaux is a seasonal color, but it is actually less $$$ than the regular leather version. :shrugs:
  4. It appears from the pic to be a deep bordeaux so I don't think it would be loud (not like getting a ruby red patent). That's funny too because I wondered about the HW too when only getting the dark brown leather Ramona & in actuality, the hw is what helps makes the bag unique and beautiful. The Ramona is a fabulous style. I think you should get it especially since the color caught your eye and you like the style. The worse that could happen is that you would return it and get another bag. Please let us know what you decide! :smile:
  5. I've ordered one and I think it is a chic, classy bag. Have you seen the patent IRL? It's not really patent, but soft "wet look". The leather is soft and very luxurious.
  6. I saw the black patent rikki - the smaller ramona - yesterday and I was tempted. I am such a magpie though and love all things shiny.
  7. During our DC PF meeting, elongreach and I were admiring the blue patent version of that bag...totally gorgeous!

    You should go for it if you love...such a classic shape and beautiful bag!
  8. TammyD, I did get a chance to see the bordeaux patent ramona IRL (a dangerous thing to do :devil:smile:, and agree that it is much more of a wet look than is reflected in the pic I posted.

    One thing that was interesting was that the patent ramona seemed bigger than the regular leather version. Optical illusion maybe? :shrugs:

    Goldensx5, I suspect the ramona or riki will be the next bag that I get. :girlsigh: I saw the brown ramona and thought it was gorgeous ... If I didn't already have other brown handbags, this is the color that I would get. I agree that the hardware really makes this bag, which is why I was concerned over whether the patent would compete too much with it.

    Estile, I haven't seen the Riki IRL. Do you happen to know how much smaller it is than the ramona, or how much bigger/smaller it is than a large muse?
  9. Actually, I ordered the riki and not the ramona. I tried both on and found that the ramona is a tad big and heavy for me (I'm 5"2). It's around 3" narrower.
  10. :yes: Yes, that bag was gorgeous.

    The patent is definitely not too over the top. It gives it a little extra sheen IMO.
  11. TammyD, I didn't realize the riki was only 3" or so smaller than the ramona!! :happydance: The SA didn't have the riki in stock to show me, but she saw my large muse and said that if I liked the size of the muse, than riki might be too small.:weird: Seems like the riki might be a better size for me than the ramona because I'm 5'4" and felt the patent ramona (but not the black leather one) seemed just a little too big.

    Elongreach, I didn't realize there was a blue patent as well! I just saw a pic of it on -- does it appear to be a darker blue IRL? Seems Mr. Choo has picked some gorgeous colors for his f/w bags. :love:
  12. I'm still debating over whether to get this bag ... do you think the patent leather will be something that I can use for more than one season?
  13. Yea. It's not super dark, but it's not a bright blue. I think it's more of a navy color.
  14. I think you need to think about whether you yourself will use it for more than a season. I am a person who buys a bag and uses it all the time. I don't buy based on trends. I buy bags and say I'm going to use this all the time and be happy with it. So if you feel you won't be able to use the bag or having a lot of second thoughts, I would try for another Jimmy Choo bag that's not patent leather.
  15. My preference is for the leather Ramona bags (I have 3 of them)... I saw the black patent Ramona at Saks BH seemed a bit..."loud"... It also seems the F06 leather is a bit different than the S06 leather... I have only seen the bordeaux patent in the Riki, I am looking forward to seeing the Ramona bordeaux IRL...the JC SAs seem to really like the bag...

    The patent does not seem year-round to me, but this is based on personal preferences.