Patent Blush Classic Flap..Jumbo

  1. Can furnish the style no/code no for me? Pls..
    I want it in jumbo classic flap...any1 knows whether it is available in Paris???:p
  2. 11204418?
    This is the number on my authenticity card.
  3. Thks...but that's the auth. card no.. not the style no/colour code...

    Do u have the box ?..the style/colour code is on the side of the box..
  4. I think the #10996619 is from the box, I have the jumbo blush, but it's called Lt. Beige by Chanel. Also - Classic Bag with Flap 20921 Lt. Beige NSZ.. I'm looking at an old post because I'm not by my box. It was only at MN & BG in the US but possibly they have it in Paris? It was $1895 + tax in December & I'm not sure if it went up in price in Feb/March. If that doesn't help I'll try finding my box.:hrmm:
  5. Thks...Pinkie

    But I thght most code come in
    AXXXXX YXXXXX colour code...blk..94305

    As for classic flap Jumbo/white :
    A28600 Y01588 10601
    style No silver h/w colour code..:p

    Sorry for the trouble...thks in advance..
  6. Don't think I'll be much more help because I looked at the box & #10996619 is the only thing printed on it & it's with the barre code. There is an orange sticker that has USA 2007 464 & that's all. It isn't like other Chanel boxes that have the style drawing on the side but just a black Chanel box top. Sorry about that... :sad:
  7. The only other numbers are on the NM receipt..
    323-06-4250-28600-14-5 or 3572619980297.
  8. Pinkie..
    Don't apologise... u are already of great help by replying my post *hugs*:yes:

    Tks again... I will try to source it out from elsewhere