Patent Black MUSE!!! Please help!!

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  1. Hi ALL

    Girls , who have Patent Black MUSE,please help!!!

    girls, who know on Patent Muse, not crocodile, infront of bag near padlock must to be signature "YSL Paris" ??? Because on I see the actual bag but
    the patent bag does not say that on the front. Is it right???
  2. My OS black patent Muse does NOT have the YSL stamp beneath the lock. The OS croc patent doesn't either....
  3. Thanks Travelbliss!!
  4. WAIT! I've noticed myself that some Muse bags seem to have the stamp below the little lock and some don't. I think the larger bags DO have the stamp, but then according to the previous post, she says that her oversided patent bag does NOT have the stamp. Maybe because it's a patent leather bag??

    I have a mini Muse bag in a bronze leather that I got in Paris last May and isn't sold in the US, and my bag doesn't have a stamp. I'M SO CONFUSED!! :confused1: Which Muse bags have the stamp and is it only certain sizes?!
  5. I bought the large Muse black leather muse in December and mine has the stamp.

    If you call any YSL store they should be able to tell you which bags have the stamp and which bags don't.

    Good luck!
  6. Hi Olga 1974 ))))
    Is your bag in Patent leather ???
  7. my purple patent leather muse does NOT have the stamp and it was bought in nordstom
  8. patent do not have a stamp, regular leather have stamp
  9. Hi all, I know this is an old post but I need some help! I purchased a Large Black Patent Muse from Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC in 2012. This year, I decided the bag was too big for me so I sold it on eBay....and because there is no stamp on the eBay user is accusing it of being a replica! There is no way this is a replica! Can anyone with information please confirm that not all patent YSL muses have the stamps?

    Thank you!