patent berry bag

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  1. hi everyone, I have the top handle pouch in berry and I just ADORE it! I want one in a larger size. I think it is a ZOE. What are my options? Do you know how many sizes there are?
  2. I have the large Z in the berry patent - SHE IS a beauty

    You might be able to find the med or large on ebay
  3. There were 4 sizes of Zoes - pouch, medium, large and editorial XL. I'm not sure if the berry patent came in the editorial, but I had it in the medium a while back. There were some for sale on Bonanzle and eBay (Not my auctions). The style number for the medium berry patent is 12735, the Large is 12776. The Editorial in Patent is 12736, but again, not sure if it came in berry in that size. Good luck!

    ETA - there are also patent Zoe zip-around wallets (41868), and Zoe wristlets (41870 is the patent), but I'm not sure if either came in berry patent. They are obviously smaller than your Zoe pouch, but if you are looking into coordinating accessories, they are out there. :biggrin:
  4. here is the large I love it

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  5. I think (I could be wrong) the only place to find a large berry zoe is Ebay. Ive been looking for awhile, but even the used ones have been going for 250 or more, and thats more than I want to spend. Good luck!! :smile:
  6. Same thing happened to me too, once I saw the pouch I had to have the full size Zoe. Since they were long gone from the outlet I got mine off of ebay. I know they're kind of expensive right now, but take your time and keep looking. I got my large patent berry about 2 months ago for $150 BIN in pristine pre owned condition. Good luck on your hunt!
  7. thank you so much! I will look on ebay!
  8. if you had a pouch sized bag, would you go for a medium or large?
  9. I would probably get the medium as it sounds like perhaps you like smaller bags. The medium is still significantly larger than the pouch