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  1. What do you think of patent leather? Do u think patent bag look cheap & like a vinyl bag? ;)
  2. I never had an opinion one way or another until I saw the Elliott Lucca "Luxe" satchel on love it! Especially the bright red lining!
  3. I use to like it but, after having some experience with patent bags I find that they're a pain in the behind. The patent scuffs (scratches, white marks)easily and you have to wipe it down frequently to keep it clean/shiney and then after awhile it does feels stiff and vinyl like. I think it's okay on inexpensive bags but, anything over $500, I'd pass....not worth the investment, IMO.
  4. Color from other items gets transferred easily on the patent and it looks weird. I have a black Ferragamo patent leather which now has a purplish haze or sheen on it. I dont know how to fix it. be careful - they seem to be really high priced, too.
  5. I like the look of patent leather, but it gets scuffed really easily and I probably won't buy a patent leather purse. While I try to take care of my purses, they do go through a beating sometimes and I'm afraid I might scratch a patent leather purse very quickly.
  6. Oh no! I have the new Coach striped with a patent stripe. It's small, so I wasn't worrying... not sure now. Ee.
  7. I don't like patent leather at all because of it's cheap look and here just grannies wear patent leather. Sorry not my cup of tea.
  8. I do like patent leather but only in small doses. I have a black patent Prada shopper tote that has held up beautifully and a burgundy bcbg satchel but they do show wear and tear more than leather or canvas. Definitely need some baby-ing!
  9. I never liked it (except for old school black mary jane's). I always though it looked cheap and plastic. Then I saw the patent Riki. I was confused at first. I always thought I hated patent leather. But when I saw her at Saks, I couldn't tell if it was the color or the shape of the bag (since I loved the Ramona) that was drawing me to Riki. I held her and put her back on the shelf and went upstairs. But I couldn't stop thinking of her. I don't know if it's becuase the patent is crinkley or what but I love the Riki. I bought the bag and I love it! I have had no problems with scuff marks or cleaning. I think the crinkles probably have a lot to do with it. That's just me. Anyone else?
  10. I like patent leather in small doses as well:smile:
  11. ^^^I agree. I never thought I liked patent until I bought the Jimmy Choo Ramona bag in patent recently. I think patent leather has improved considerably over the years, because the patent on this bag is soft and pliable, and the bag does have that great leather smell. So far, I've had no problems with quality or cleaning the bag; the patent has a slight texture to it so that fingerprints and scruff marks don't show as easily. The patent does make the bag "blingy," but most of my other bags are pretty conservative, so I think that's ok....
  12. i love patent leather:heart:
  13. I actually like it a lot. I saw a patent leather YSL Muse that I really want to have.

    Probably wouldn't want too many bags or shoes in patent, but I definitely like it!
  14. I also like the look of patent leather
  15. i guess real leather can also look cheap if the don't design or finish it right.
    i love some patent leather bag like jimmy choo ramona or Fendi B bag which is beautiful...