Patent alexas

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  1. Hi all

    A friend of mine is looking to buy an Alexa but ideally wants a patent one... I'm not sure what colours the patent came in- I've only seen oak. Does anyone know??

    Thank you!
  2. I think oak is the only patent alexa made so far but I stand to be corrected.
  3. Really?? Oh no! Ok I'll wait for any corrections but I think you're right :smile:

    Thank you x
  4. I think only oak and its a strange non oak like oak colour to me
  5. Hahaha I know what you mean- ill let her know. Don't think she's too keen on pseudo oak
  6. I think its just oak. Oh darn, hgbags used to sell them for just a song....
  7. Really?! I've only recently heard of HGbags but they only have a few bags on there...
  8. It's official name is Light Oak, looks a lot better in real life than in photos though!
  9. Its one that has grown for me, I did not like them at first sight.
  10. There's one on eBay that I'm trying to get authenticated for my friend but seller hasnt come back to me yet!
  11. Hiya

    Yes seen this beauty as well- think she's goooooorgeous! I have a feeling the price is going to go through the roof though

    My friend likes this one too - thanks for your input! X
  12. Also the seller of the light oak patent still hasn't come back to me so don't think its looking good!
  13. Nope, never a good sign! If they want to sell a bag for hundreds of pounds, they should respond asap and not leave you hanging!