Patent again...Pics of my New Chanel !!!

  1. I've received this Baby 2 weeks ago:yahoo:...

    Let me introduce you to my new
    Chanel Jumbo in Black Crackled Patent
    with silver HW:heart:

    I really have to share pics of this beauty with you:smile:
    and also family pics with big brother:graucho: ...

    Chanel Patent Jumbo.jpg Chanel Cabas.jpg Chanel Patent Collection 2.jpg Chanel Patent Collection.jpg
  2. Love it! I am carrying my navy patent every day!
  3. Beautiful! They look so cozy together!
  4. Gorgeous!! Enjoy it...
  5. Thank you Leem, Ada and Bullet !!!

    It's my first Jumbo...and I guess it won't be the last...
  6. Congrats!!!! I love Patent bags, especially Chanel.
  7. omg!!!!!!!!!!

    Your bag is stunning!
    Absolutely GORGEOUS!
  8. Wow! Both of those bags are awesome!
  9. love it
  10. :love: :love: :love:
  11. ^^^^exactly !!!!!!!
  12. I really love the patent. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Congrats!:love:
  14. Thanks Ladies for all your kind words !!
    Thank you Tammy:love: :love: : did you get your Red Jumbo ???
  15. Oooooh! Love Them Both!