patek or rolex?

  1. which one patek is the steel with diamonds on either side series twety-four.
    a rolex is gold steel with gold dial and diamonds in place of nos. :graucho:

    check out the patek link. am sure all you gals know how the rolex looks.
    patek link
    Ref 4910/10A

    which one which one which one?
  2. Patek.. no question.
  3. It's very much a matter of personal taste but I would go for Patek too.
  4. If given the general choice between the two brands (and budget constraint being a relative non-issue), I would go for Patek. Patek is simply put, much more exclusive. Certain Pateks, though probably not any in this price range, will also hold their value extremely well and possibly appreciate. However, one shouldn't rationalize a purchase based on exclusivity, but rather based on personal taste.

    At the risk of sounding hypocritical, the 4910/10A shouts "Cartier Tank Francaise" to me. Cartier does indeed produce a version of its tank (Francaise) with diamonds on the side of the bezel. It has a polished version like this as well (Tankissime). Anyway, if it were up to me, I'd stick with a Patek in the tonneau shape, as IMO, this is probably closer to Patek's roots and classicism than the tank design.

    As far as Rolexes go, perhaps consider other parts of their lineup. It's been the trend these days to wear large watches. I've seen quite a few women wearing the men's sports line. Explorer II, Yachtmaster, Submariner, etc.
  5. would go for patek too. :yes:
    it's my personal taste.
  6. I have a gold rolex and the Patak 24 you are talking about. I must say I love my Patak more, I think because it is newer.Lol!x
    I would go for the Patak!x
  7. Patek.
  8. patek.
    because of the company and its impressive watches.
  9. ok what i have at present is my steel omega with diamonds on the bezel.
    and a full gold cartier santos ladies with diamonds.

    i am tempted to get the patek but the only thing that stops me is that its full steel just like my omega. the rolex is gold steel with diamonds and iam going to be a full time mum pretty soon so i thought it would be sturdy and go with my yellow and white gold jewellery.
    the only thing that stops me from buying a rolex me is the patek brandname...
  10. patek definitely
  11. i love my gold and stainless rolex and it kind of sounds like it is the one you prefer as well :smile:
    the combination of the gold and steel allows you to wear it with all of your other jewelry, plus they really are very durable
  12. Tough choice! I love the Patek 24 - it's next on my watch to buy list. That being said, I'm wearing a Rolex now. I honestly think they're very different looks... my Rolex is much sportier looking, whereas that Patek style is very feminine.

    I would pick the one that goes with your style best first (both are top of the line quality) and save up for a second one!