Patek fan/expert advice needed!!

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  1. time to move up to Patek.

    I want an everyday watch with no diamonds. what do you recommend?

  2. anyone? i would appreciate any advice...and i am even leaning towards a diamond Patek now..just not sure what is a good one to get...
  3. hi, I am not sure, not familiar with the Patek brand, but good for you . . .
    besides here, try the timezone forum - bunches of folks who want to talk watches, though I know there are ladies on the forum who are fans of Patek.

    Where will you shop for it? Europe, or an AD here in US?
  4. I looked at the Calatrava line this weekend for my DH. I'd love to get him one in white gold for our anniversary this year. We'll see.

    For women's I looked at the diamond Twenty-4 series. Really beautiful but I found a H series Chopard I'm obsessed with for the same price.

    Which ones are you interested in? Personally I love the Twenty-4 series. They look more feminine to me.
  5. I have been wearing my Aquanaut for 8 years and is still loving it.
  6. yea i am going to get the diamond twenty 4 this week. found a couple of authorized dealer from the patek website here in Hong Kong. gotta get it before the may 1st price increase. it's cheaper here than in the U.S. but i am not getting any discount off of the listed price.

    now i am confused the type of dial i should get. grey? black? white?
  7. Catabie, I have the grey dial, def. my favorite. I found white too plain. Black is nice too, but they grey somehow went really well w the overall design.
  8. Catabie, is it the 4910 model in stainless steel you are considering?

    Make sure to buy from an authorised Patek dealer;this is a popular model to fake.
  9. I have the rose gold bracelet with chocolate dial. Simple and elegant, I love that combo.:smile:
  10. I love the simple Calatrava with a small face for women. Patek also has a lot of colors for the watch bands making it more interesting. I have the small face rose gold one and have 2 croc bands (black and white). I love the white croc for spring/summer.

    Since I also wanted a purely manual/mechanical Patek, I looked and tried on different models for everyday use and the Calatrava won me over. From the ones I saw, there were more quartz options than purely manual/mechanical.
  11. Deux Armoires, your Patek sounds beautiful!
  12. ^ Thanks tokyogirl. It's very simple but I love it!
  13. Is anyone on this thread still enjoying their Aquanaut? Love to hear about any experiences (am obviously new to this one)! Thanks and happy new year to all!