1. anyone bought the new patchwork bags yet?! it seems like no one is into the patchwork bags like i am lol :sad:
  2. i saw them at Nordstrom today....i'm not a fan...there's just something odd about them. they don't have the same classic appearance to them as the quilted and smooth leather MJ bags....
  3. Like this one?

    I really like this one!
  4. yes! isnt that gorgeous!

    Gosh i really like the new patchwork ones! i thought it would be a huge hit with you girls cause quilts are a bit overplayed now imo..

    do you girls think i should get a patchwork stam/venetia/carolyn!?
  5. I wasn't really liking the patchwork bags until I saw Lenny Kravitz's daughter Zoe carrying the Carolyn in the Celebs & MJ Accessories thread. Now I'm in love with the Carolyn in white!! :love:
  6. I really like the soft leather used in Patchwork styles -- much nicer than recent quilted styles' grained leather. I have only seen 3 colors so far: Black, Ivory, and Slate; there's also Beige. Slate and Ivory look better than Black to me.

    In terms of longetivity, I recommend Patchwork over Patchwork Metallic; metallic stuffs rub off over time.
  7. ^ PATCHWORK Stam in SLATE


    (pictures from MJ_LA)
  8. Which color are you thinking of?
    Carolyn doesn't have the thick/funky/heavy chain.
  9. I really like the look of them but not so much the quality. Sad to say.
  10. I like the patchwork styles and the leather looks gorgeous. xx
  11. PATCHWORK line uses soft and smooth calf leather which feels/looks amazing. In my opinion, it is nicer than those from recent Quilted and Soft Calf lines.
  12. PATCHWORK Raquel in IVORY - the leather is just very soft.

    (picture from MJ_LA)
  13. See, I really like the looks of those.
  14. Well that is good to know it's made out of soft/smooth calf LEATHER, because when I felt one at a store it didn't feel like leather. I mean I knew it was leather, but it didn't feel as leathery as normal. Great looking bag though and to each their own.

  15. I love the new patchwork stam , love it !!!!! Beige looks so classy and perfect for a year round color that bag looks amazing.