Patchwork ZC

  1. They're definitely from different collections. I believe the Bloomies is the newest version.
  2. ^^OK, scratch what I just wrote.

    From what I can gather from the Fall 07 reference thread, I think they're both from that season, just part of different collections. If I'm reading the thread right, there were 3 different type of zip clutches: Soft Calf Classic Slg, Quilted Classic, and Patchwork Slg. I'm pretty sure the Bloomies ZC's fall under the Patchwork collection but I'm still not sure what the Saks one falls under. I can only find the color Peanut under the Soft Calf collection....

    Have I throughly confused you now? LOL! :shrugs::nogood::angel:
  3. Thanks LuvPurses24. I was just wondering b/c the bloomies one had the mj leather tag on the front and the one from Saks didn't.

    Ack I hate being on a ban. ugh
  4. The zip clutch at bloomingdale's may have came out with the Carolyn. The Carolyn on their website has the same MJ tag on the front.

    The zip clutch at saks probally came out with the patchwork Ines in peanut.