Patchwork ZC vs.Other ZCs––No Outside Zipper

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  1. I've noticed that the patchwork ZCs have no exterior zipper compartment. W/the patchwork ZC, is there an additional interior zipper compartment––or just more room in the interior? For those of you who have a patchwork ZC, do you miss having the additional exterior compartment? TIA!
  2. Unfortunately, I dont own a pacthwork zc, I just wanted to state that I would be Lost without the exterior zipper. I can keep 5$ worth of change in it, and it still zips and keeps its shape perfectly. Good question though!
  3. the interior of the pw and regular zc are the same. i rarely use the exterior zip pocket, but i don't like the way the wallet looks without one.
  4. i didn't even realize that the pw doesnt have the exterior zip pocket until yesterday! i dont use the exterior zip pocket that's probably the reason why but yeah, like tad says, i like the look of one with zip pocket better than the one without.
  5. i have a patchwork zc and a reg zc and they have the same amount of space inside just no zip pocket on the outside of the pw and I miss that pocket like crazy!
  6. the girls that don't use the exterior zip pocket: WHERE DO YOU KEEP YOU CHANGE?!

    just thinking. Do you have an extra change wallet, and why?
  7. I don't usually accumulate much change (or cary much cash) and used to keep coins in the little pushlock pockets. I don't know why, but I never thought to keep them the outside zippered pocket until I heard so many people on here did.

    I'd really miss the outside zippered pocket, too, but if it were one of several ZCs I owned, and it were in a really great color I coveted, I'd manage.
  8. i used the mbmj coin pouch that smooches gave to me for RAOK.. :biggrin:
  9. Thanks, all, for your comments.
  10. I have a patchwork zc and yes, I miss not having a zipper pocket for change. I don't think I'd want another pw, unless I found one in cherrytart.
  11. I got rid of my Cherrytart PW because there was no back slip pocket AND a grey Quilted ZC because there was no outer zip pocket. They simply were not getting used. Apparently I need both to keep my life together.
  12. ^The outer zip pocket and back pocket are both convenient. I don't blame you for getting rid of your zc's. Thoes pockets are a must (though my new quilted one doesn't have the back pocket, I can overlook that because the color and leather are tdf).
  13. I have one in cherrytart and I absolutely love it! Just to let you know, it occasionally pops up on sale on NM's website.

    I bought mine at Isetan in Tokyo, Japan on sale... I never realized until now that it doesn't have the exterior pocket. I use one compartment for my change and the other for the bills, etc. It can get hard to reach in there sometimes, but otherwise, I love my wallet.