patchwork-vs-quilted stam

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  1. Is the patchwork stam taking the place of the quilted stam? At the MJ Boutique in NYC, I was told that it was lighter, and they did not have any brown quilted Stams. SA really pushed the chocolate patchwork.
  2. I love the patchwork but quilted is just as good looking. The patchwork leather just look a little shinier.
  3. I don't think the regular quilted will get discontinued. She was probably pushing the patchwork because it costs more. There should be brown quilted stams still available, the SA should have looked it up in the computer system to find out what stores still had them in stock. Past colors include Saddle Brown and Chestnut. If you really like the brown quilted stam, find another SA to work with.
  4. I know that the quilted is more difficult to find right now. At some of the Nordstrom stores I have visited recently, there were no quilted stams to be found. Only baby quilted stams. There were plenty of patchwork bags, though. If you want brown, I would contact Saks in NYC. I think I saw some brown stams there last month. I am sure they can be found, you just have to do a little bit of searching. I hope the quilted is not discontinued. I really like that style. I am not loving the patchwork bags. They are starting to grow on me, but not fully.