Patchwork stuff and cotton stuff on!!

  1. do a search for patchwrork and it comes up
  2. eek. i don't like it.
  3. I saw that!

    Can't wait to buy mine next month!:yes:
  4. Wow, that is ugly! Worse than the multicolored spring patchwork that came out last month. Never thought that was possible. LOL!
  5. Ugh, no, not for me either.
  6. ew I don't like the denim patchwork ergo. too busy for me.

  7. I like the Patchwork scarf. :shrugs:
  8. I guess I'll be the only one on this forum with one!:yes:

  9. I'm dont' like it! It's too busy!
  10. Be sure and post pictures. Many times it looks so much better in person than on their website and this is probably one of those times. :p
  11. Oh wow! I love Patchwork but I don't know about this one... :shrugs:

    I do like this BTW...
  12. lol ahh my eyes!!
  13. I absolutely love this patchwork. Hated the spring red and blue, but love this! I never thought I would go for the indigo, but I love that too. The pocket is so cute! Maybe it's a generational thing? I'm "a little" older than you?
  14. What is that one??