Patchwork Stam

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  1. Hi MJ ladies - I need some help (or reassurance!). I just won the light petrol patchwork stam in the authentic finds section and I am having a few 2nd thoughts. I put a bid on thinking I wouldn't actually win - I have lost out on the last 3 bags! Anyway, I got it for a great price, love the colour and the stam but am not sure about the patchwork bit.

    I have the fuschia quilted Bonnie which I love and had been wanting a stam for some time. I have a thing for turquoise bags and this colour is amazing so I went for it. However, I always had a quilted stam in mind.

    Can you help me? Does anyone else have a patchwork stam and can give me some feedback? I am wondering if it was too impulsive.

    Many thanks

    Julie :biggrin:
  2. I own a patchwork stam in metallic silver and I absolutely love it. The turquoise color is absolutely gorgeous, you will love it. Believe me.

    I personally love my patchwork stam because it's more unique than the regular stam and I adore the patchwork line in general. I own four items in the patchwork family (stam, key pouch, zip clutch and venetia) and they are some of my favorites in my collection.

    You should definitely check out the references section to see pictures of patchwork items!
  3. My first Stam was a patchwork in bordeaux, and I still own it. I love this bag so much, I get compliments on it whenver I wear it. It is very durable (I would call it 'substantial' because it doesn't feel delicate, even while being very soft and well made) It is not a bag you feel is going to just tear or stain at the slightest thing, but the hardware on the Stam just sets it off as the most ladylike funky bag, despite its substantialness. ha Funny thing about me is that I never thought I'd like quilted bags--I loooved the patchwork so much. (Now, I have both and love them both equally believe it or not).
  4. I really, really love the look of the patchwork! I bet when you get it you will LOVE it!
  5. I have a black patchwork stam, a patchwork Ines, patchwork cosmetic case and a patchwork zip wallet. I have also owned the patchwork Ines in two other colors.

    Whenever I use the patchwork stam, I get alot of compliments - more than my quilted ones. I had the stam for two years and used it one or two times. I have used it a couple more times and I really like the look. I plan on keeping both my Ines and the stam since all the rest of my stams are quilted. To me, the look is a little more polished. Here is a modeling pic:

  6. Aw come on you know you're gonna LOVE it!:P I'm the one you bought it from and I lost quite a bit on it but I really needed the money PLUS I already have the patchwork LOU in light petrol. I also have the LOU in black and eggshell ( one of my FAVE MJ designs) and the Ines in indigo. The patchwork is really neat and absolutely gorgeous! I really think you'll be happy AND the color IS to die for!:biggrin:
  7. ^We need modeling pics, CynDZ!!
  8. I think there are pros and cons to the PW stam
    Like you, when I was looking to purchase my first stam, I had a quilted one in mind but ended up with a PW one instead (it was Slate, S07). On the plus side, it was really soft and lighter weight than the quilted stams, and once the leather starts to soften it has a nice slouch to it (my favorite part was the soft leather on the ends!!). The Light Petrol is also a Very rare and HTF color that is absolutely GORGEOUS!!

    on the cons side -- most people when they think of a stam, they picture a quilted one. It's probably more classic and perhaps a little more "dressy" than the PW (I also think that PW stams LOOK larger than quilted ones, altho they are the exact same size -- I believe it's an illusion, but that was one of the things I didn't like about it -- compared to my quilted ones, it looked HUGE)

    Not long after buying the PW stam in Slate, I won a Topaz stam on ebay and soon after that, my petrol one -- I never got around to using the PW stam and it sat in my closet for 3 mos (while I used my quilted ones!), so I finally took it back (it came from Nordstroms)

    Have you recd it yet? if not, I think you should definitely wait til then til you decide how you feel -- you might take one look at it as you pull it from the box, and think "What the Heck was I so worried about -- this is gorgeous!" I completely agree that this being Light Petrol makes it very promising!!
  9. Hi CynDZ!! Didn't know you were a tPF'er! And, yes I am sure I will love it. Besides, I can always get a quilted one later. I am also seriously considering one of this season's Cecilias so that will add to the quilted bit.

    Thanks everyone for the advice and tips - it really helps. The colour does look incredible. It's also good to know that the PW's are a bit lighter - I do have some concerns about the heaviness of the quilted stams.

    Anyway, will post photos when she arrives. Many thanks CynDZ - she will have a good home!!! :biggrin:
  10. PS - TigerTrixie - that modelling shot is AMAZING. Don't think I will look quite that buffed when I post!!!!
  11. I love the leather of the patchwork bags, it's so much softer than the traditional quilted bags. I think you're going to love it once you get it. The color is tdf!
  12. I think the PW stam is so elegant and unique. Truly gorgeous! But you'll see how you may see it in person and completely fall in love with it..
  13. you should keep it for the color alone. you're going to fall in love with it once you see it. it's a hot bag. congrats on the great deal!
  14. I'm a patchwork fan, awesome modeling pic trigertrixie!