Patchwork Stam, Slate - Any owners? Pics?

  1. Im trying to locate pics of the Patchwork Stam in Slate. With the search function down, it's a little tricky. I found a couple of pics in the Spring 2007 Reference thread, but they're pretty standard and vague. Does anyone happen to own this bag in this color and have pics of it?

    If no one owns the Stam in Slate and/or has pics of it, maybe someone has another (bag in that color. I saw pics of the Mariah in Slate, but since it's so much smaller, it's a little hard to get the idea of how the Stam will look.

    Anyone who can help - it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  2. Doesn't anyone own a bag in Slate?

    I want to know whether the color is more gray or if it's more of a blue-ish shade? As I said, I found a couple of pics on the Reference thread - in one pic, it almost has a blue-green tint to it. In another, it looks more gray. I"m trying to get an accurate idea of the shade.
  3. I have a patent leather stam in slate. It's quilted, not patchwork. Sorry I don't have a picture. To me the slate is a light blue-ish gray--maybe 50% light blue + 50% light gray...
  4. I think it is a light grey with a blue tint to it, but very faint. Here are various bags in slate, including pfer Ghost's former Elise.
    7a50_1.JPG 9498_1.JPG LVoctsale 026.jpg LVoctsale 030.jpg 8a2d_3.JPG
  5. bump!

    for those who own any of the patchwork styles in slate, do you find it a versatile colour? is it easy to take care of and clean? does it mark easily?

    Thanks :smile:
  6. I think that is a beautiful color, but it was too light for me. For my wardrobe, I knew it wouldn't be versatile enough. It truly is a gorgeous color, though. I'm paranoid about light bags, though. I still haven't worn my quilted White Chiffon Stam I bought 2 years ago!!
  7. It's a gorgeous color and seems pretty versatile to me. In some lighting it does look more bluish than grey though. Here's a pic on my slate venetia next to my "white" bruna and light grey blake for comparison.

  8. thanks sweetart!

    i'm eyeing up a slate bag on eBay atm as my lighter going out/evening bag in the summer, but was wondering if i could just use my grey mary instead... what do you ladies think?

    i was also looking at the ivory mayfair, white chiffon/almond ingrid etc. basically any smallish bag in a light/ivory/biegey shade that has a strap on. i'm a bit rubbish with clutches unless there's a wrist strap
  9. Sweetart, those bags are beautiful!:heart: I think we need an updated family pic from you.