Patchwork Stam or Patchwork Mariah??

  1. So I'm totally in love with and am dying for one of the new MJ handbags... but I can't decide which! I am between the Patchwork Stam in ivory and the Patchwork Mariah in slate (I think that's the only color). They are both so beautiful and are roughly the same price. Does anyone have any thoughts... I am particularly concerned with usability (if that's a word! but being able to use it on a day-to-day basis and have it fit a day's worth of stuff but also be versatile for some evenings). I am also very concerned with timelessness - I don't want to buy a bag for so much money that goes out of style quickly.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated! :smile:
  2. So the girls know which bag you are referring to:
    Mariah in slate
  3. I think the stam is more timeless than the mariah, but I think the mariah may be more usable for you if you are looking for a shoulder bag. Stam is hard to fit on some shoulders and it can be heavy to carry on a regular basis.
  4. The Mariah! My Sa and I were just saying that the stam in patchwork isn't as great as the regular quilted stam.
    The patchwork multi and tote are really great too!
  5. Can you say more? Why is the regular quilted stam better? thanks :smile:
  6. Thanx for the pic thithi...I agree as far as usability..ha-ha--is that even a word?!?! Lovely bag and color!!:rolleyes:
  7. I like the mariah.

  8. I honestly don't know! The SA and I were just sitting there wondering why we didn't like the patchwork stam.
    I figured it might be the roundness of the bag and the sharp angles of the patches mixed together that bothered me?? Then again, I do like the quilted and that's angular too..
    Seriously, I am not 100% sure why, but I really don't like the combo. And I don't even owen a regular quilted stam so I'm not biased for it either.
  9. the patchwork stam is gigantic and quite heavy. I like the mariah better.
  10. Mariah gets my vote. I tried it on several weeks ago, I really like it; it looks nice on the shoulder. It's a sleek bag, it is not trendy looking to me. I would even carry it to meetings.

    PATCHWORK Mariah ($1475USD) is available in Black, Beige, and Slate; PATCHWORK METALLIC Mariah ($1575USD) comes in Deep Purple, Blush, Lavender, Bronze, and Silver.

  11. Patchwork!!