Patchwork Stam in Slate - Who was Looking for This?

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  1. I recently cleaned out my PMs and now I can't remember who it was that really wanted a Patchwork Stam in Slate like the one I have!

    There's one listed on ebay right now with a VERY reasonable starting price

    It's a new seller, so check them out, but I've NEVER seen this color faked before and looking at all the pics, it looks EXACTLY like my bag. I hope a PFer gets this bag -- I haven't used mine yet (waiting for more "spring-like" weather!!), but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and can't wait to fill her up & carry it!
  2. Oh my goodness, this has re-opened my wound of want for a patchwork stam. May it go to a deserving tPFer!
  3. It's weird how she's bought this bag and never used it once. Tags still attached. Why spend so much money on it? :confused1:
  4. i have a bag in my closet that ive never used ... maybe she just has too many bags (or maybe im projecting? :P)
  5. I bought this bag from Nordstroms in January of this year (2008) -- it was brand new w/its tags attached & plastic still on the zippers. It was a customer return -- which means, that someone bought the bag (maybe last spring) and never used the bag & decided to return it. I haven't used it yet and its still in the shopping bag w/all its tags attached -- I purchased it 3 mos ago. I don't think its that uncommon -- with all the bags we buy, there are many of us haven't gotten around to using all of them

    If she bought this bag in December, she got it on sale -- it was marked down originally around Thanksgiving and then again the day after Xmas -- maybe she returned a Xmas gift & got this instead or, like many of us, just bought herself a Xmas present!!!
  6. i have one too!! and its gorgeous :love::love:

    the color is so unique, not white, not blue, not grey...
    we have similar taste luvmybags, i have a topaz stam too :P (i see it in your avatar)

  7. i'm usually the girl who buys the bag and uses it the same day or the next day at the very latest. i get too excited not to, but i purchased the mika about a month ago now and still haven't worn it yet. it's sitting in the dustbag with tags attached and stuffed with the mj tissue paper. i'm just waiting for a good time to wear it, i suppose. yesterday would've been perfect. the weather was gorgeous, but alas i was at work and in class all day. and, of course, it's set to rain all weekend! perfect! :rolleyes:
  8. ^ :wtf: The Mika is toooooo gorgeous to be sitting in the dustbag...hope the weather gets nicer and you get to wear it out soon, tadpole :tup:

    Anyway, I am guilty of letting some of my new purchases sit in the closet with tags attached, in the dust bag. I don't think it's uncommon at all.