Patchwork Shoulder Tote or Gallery Tote?

  1. Hi girls! I'm looking to purchase my first Coach bag and I REALLY like their Holiday Patchwork pattern but I can't decide which of the two tote styles I should get. I would probably go for the Gallery tote but it's only 12" long and I wonder if that's too small. I'd be using it as a work bag and I want to make sure it can hold a lot. I can't find any images anywhere of girls actually wearing the Shoulder Tote so I'm just having problems deciding. I've never spent 400 on a bag before so I want to make sure I make the right choice. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi! I completely understand about wanting to make the right choice before taking the plunge on a pricey bag! Can you get to a store to try them on? If so, definitely do that before buying b/c that alone might make up your mind. I don't have a shoulder tote, but in general the totes do hold a lot. However, if you're talking about fitting in a laptop, that's a different story and you'd definitely need to see them in person.

    I would see if you could try out the styles you like in real life first and see if both will suit your needs. If they both do, go with the one you love.

    Hope this helps at least a little.
  3. My main thing on totes is to look at the straps/handles. I don't like the thin handles.
  4. Thanks! I think I'll pop into macy's today and tomarrow. I hope they have the style! Their website sure does!
  5. I have the gallery tote and it is not big enough for me to use for work. I would have to suggest the shoulder tote.