patchwork shoulder tote opinions

  1. i think it's cute, and a good deal
  2. I'm not a fan.
  3. I'm really not a fan-- the new Indigo Patchwork that's coming out is much prettier.
  4. If you couldn't decide.. then you are probably not "in love" with it.. It's a bag, in my opinion, that you must love...

    Save your money for a bag you will be thrilled with and "must have"
  5. I've always liked that one. I hope it ends up at the outlets before the holidays this year.
  6. i saw it at the outlets a few weeks back...
  7. i'm not crazy about that particular patchwork...i just ordered the new denim patchwork (not on the coach site yet) and i should have it by the end of the week...will keep you posted!
  8. I have never been crazy about any of the patchwork designs. If you love it then buy it!
  9. I have this bag and absolutely love it. I get comments every time I wear it, ,and the dark brown leather goes with just about everything.

    Of course, some like certain kinds of patchworks over others. I've seen some styles I like and some I don't. If you don't really love it, don't buy it--even if it's a steal. You should save your money for things you really adore!
  10. Im just not feeling this bag. Sorry
  11. i couldnt have said it any better.

    i usually see a TON of patchworks at my outlets, and at really good deals, but i always pass them up.
  12. I have this bag and LOVE it. Good deal, I paid retail for mine.
  13. I would pass.
  14. This year's one wasn't one of my favorites. I should have gotten last year's patchwork. That one I loved but passed on. Not sure why looking back on it. :crybaby: