Patchwork rogue

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  1. Do you all think this bag is a classic? Or just a trend? TIA!
  2. Wow, hadn't seen this one before. Looks like a trend to me.......
  3. It's pretty but I think it's trendy.....
  4. Trendy definitely...
  5. Although it appears trendy, it is absolutely beautiful in person.
  6. It is beautiful in person! We had a sample to try out and I was a much bigger fan of it than I thought I'd be!
  7. I agree that you have to see it in person. The stock photos do not do this bag justice. My SA told me that there is a 36 size in the patchwork, so I will wait for that to be released.
  8. I saw it irl yesterday and I was surprised at how much I liked it. If $ weren't an issue for me, it would be one of those bags I buy and use without caring whether it is on trend or not. It's a really great bag.
  9. It is super pretty, but in the end I decided to return. Got the chalk instead- for me, it's much more classic. Thanks all for weighing in!