Patchwork Question

  1. I was planning on exchanging my patchwork wristlet with the snag and just get another one. But then I started thinking...this snag is on the more silky polka dot fabric which seems to be the most sensative fabric. How likely will another one snag and how easily? I know I'm not going to keep everything perfect forever but don't want to have to worry everytime I handle it. It's beautiful and I love the colors but I'm really confused as to what I should do.

    I would have posted pictures but they just aren't coming out well enought to really see the snag.
  2. I have the same question. I bought the beautiful hobo, but I've been afraid to use it for that very reason. It's still in the shopping bag in case I decide to return it. It's so gorgeous though, I'm having a hard time deciding.
  3. Go and look to see if there's one without a snag. If so, return yours. If not, you could always keep it and look past the snag or return it for a wristlet you like more.
  4. when i got my patchwork carly i didnt even think about snagging anything (i definitely will never ever set one of my purses on the floor though) so i havent been very careful (AT ALL) so far shes still in pristine condition and i use her at least twice a week.

    so maybe youre just worrying to much ?