Patchwork Purses


Nov 29, 2006
Hi! I'm new here and I have never bought a coach purse before. I went to the outlet last night and I saw last years Holiday Patchwork tote for $250. I wanted to buy it but I was wondering what outfits go with it??
Dress it up or down - match it with denim or match the gold and silver in it - just don't wear too many prints, that would be a bit overwhelming.:blink:
I have two patchwork bags and they do lend themselves to lots of things.

I like using my Hobo from last Spring with a plaid shirt I have from Old Navy that has the same colors. Looks great!
That is my favorite patchwork design, i prefer it over this year's. I think it would go with everything since there are some very neutral colors in the patchwork design! I hope you get it!