Patchwork LV's . . . what's the attraction

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  1. Could someone please explain the appeal of the patchwork bag. Does anyone have one of these? Other designers have them as well. (I apologize to any tPFer's if this is your pic off a website.)

    I just wonder who is into these bags. Certainly no offense to anyone's taste. I was a little girl in the 1970's and even then the entire patchwork craze seemed odd to me.

    Is it the colours? Or is it whimsical? ? :confused1:

  2. Did you see the price of that on eBay?
  3. I personally find that bag hideous. Someone else might love it. Plus the price is insane.
  4. I've always liked this one I think it's a fun bag but not nearly enough to pay 33k for it like the one listed on ebay :Push:
  5. I just don't patchwork...PERIOD. Maybe I've just been jaded from working at Coach where they make a patchwork EVERYTHING!!!
  6. *shrugs* just another trendy bag to me.

  7. for 25,000.00 Nada
  8. I've never been a fan.
  9. I like the patchwork, it is cute. I don't love it though and would not spend that kind of money for one.

    It just comes down to personal taste. I personally do not like Birkins, to me they look like grandma bags. However, some people obssess over Birkins. :nuts: Even though I can afford a Birkin, I would never buy one because I just don't like the style.
  10. Not for me....someone said it earlier, and ITA...reminds me of pot for a plant lol.

    On a side note they were talking about a patchwork bag that is suppose to be one of the first spring releases...sounds just the coach bags to me...hmm...doesn't sound good...didn't like them from coach, and I don't think I will from LV....I keep thinking someone said, what can we do with all these scraps?
  11. I like the style but the $$$$$ is way out of my league. There's a different patch style coming out in the spring and I don't like that one. If they made a bucket or tote with the different syles of leather/canvas (without all the handles and hardware poking out) that would be great!

    ETA I agree twinkle Coach did it first. Hmmmm.
  12. U-G-L-Y !
  13. It's not my type either.:shrugs:
  14. I love she is a very nice seller, she has the best pieces ever. If I had the money I would buy it!
  15. It's odd, I am both enthralled and repulsed by that bag...