Patchwork Lou???

  1. Does anyone own this bag out there? I like it a lot and they are still on the sale tables here in Charlotte. I love the peanut. Would you get this one or stick with the blake in peanut? I love the MJ looks that are not soft calf. I know they are totally different bags, but I tend to like more of the "bling" and texture. Thoughts? Opinions? What would you do if you were me? TIA
  2. i'm with you on the bling and textures, i prefer my mj veneti with the chain, same with my stam. what bag do you really want?? i would go with what i really want and ot care what others think. i'm telling you, i have a friend who forever told me she didn't like my mj and then finally said one day "you know, i really like you bag" i was thinking, i know you did, but you were just "hating". i would buy the lou over the blake unless the blake was a newer one (quilted with gold hardware).
  3. Sounds like you like the lou over the blake. Follow your heart!
  4. I love the Lou style. I think the patchwork is really cute on this bag and the size & double handles seem right to make it a great shoulder bag. I think you should go for it!:yes:
  5. And I think you can detach the chains on the Lou and's a clutch!
  6. I had never noticed this style until I saw Chelsea Handler wearing it on her show and I thought, "wow." It looks like a really comfortable fit on the shoulder and the size and shape are great.