patchwork line question...

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  1. i was wondering if the patchwork is an embossed design or if it's actually quilted....??
  2. I think the camila is quilted....
  3. It's actually quilted into those triangle shapes.... are you eyeing a new bag miss june?
  4. just curious...i really love the cherrytart eugenie....but i need to recoup my bag funds before i go there...
  5. Hmm I have the PW ZC in cherrytart and it's just exiquisite... I usually go for neutral colors but when I saw this cherrytart baby I was.. hmm fixated... go for the eugenie Jun! :dothewave:
  6. i have an indigo patchwork keypouch and the patchwork is embossed, not actually stitched and quilted. :smile:
  7. June the small P/W accessories are embossed not sewn like the bags. It looks really interesting and clean IRL, plus you don't have to worry about the stitching coming loose on all those little tiny shapes. The Cherry Tart is :drool: GL!
  8. thanks girls, and tuffcookie: that's what i thought. it did look embossed rather than stitched down... :tup:
  9. I have a PW stam and it is also quilted.
  10. my Cherry Tart Klein is actually quilted.
  11. thanks girls for chiming in. since i haven't seen anything patchwork it seems the accessories are embossed and the bags actually quilted then....
  12. Wasn't there a CT Eugenie on the 'bay recently? It might still be there pretty cheap?
  13. there have been 2 in the past 2 went to a PF-er...the other was still up last time i checked......
  14. June ~ the accessories I've got are all embossed and not stitched/quilted

    I ended up using the keypouch at six flags this weekend. I love it and am definitely keeping that one! Hope this helps!:smile:
  15. ^^Look at your little red PW family! Sooo gorgeous!!:nuts::heart: