Patchwork Hobo & Shearling Flap

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  1. At the NM Outlet in Milpitas, Ca. Sorry to be brief, I'm on my Blackberry standing in the handbag section! Large Patchwork hobo with braided strap A31819Y04106 originally $2350, now $1057. Pink shearling flap is $8052! They also have some black fitted blazers, originally $3765, now $1317, a shearling vest $1244, * boucle skirt for $680 and a couple other things (not worth mentioning).
  2. I saw them the other day. The shearling flap is super dirty though and its this mauve'ish color..very ugly IMO.

    the patchwork hobo is the large crescent type bag that looks like its a baby sling LOL...omg im so mean!
  3. Do they do charge sends?
  4. whoops, i meant $852 for the shearling--yes, it was quite dingy! i'm not sure if they do charge sends!
  5. Hey, I was there 2 days ago too, but I didn't see any Chanels...:confused1:
  6. Yes.
  7. does anyone know how to make a purchase by calling the chanel in this outlet and ask them to send?
  8. I answered in your other post, but im case you don't see it, you just have to call each store yourself and ask for that department. If they have it, just have them ship it to you. The outlets take all major credit cards. They can't do a store wide search from one store though. You'll have to call each one yourself. You can get all the phone numbers from the NM website.
  9. Oh~~thanks~~the one in Milpitas doesn't has the one that I want, anyone knows other NM outlet has Chanel besides the one in NY and Vegas?
  10. Mine gets pieces occasionally. It's in Michigan. I don't know the number though.
  11. most all the NM carry chanel and all the other premium desinger stuff. just depends on what they get from shipments
  12. the NM outlet at Sawgrass Mills Mall (in Sunrise, Fla: a suburb of Ft. lauderdale) currently has 2 Chanel necklaces and a pin.i didnt ask about the purses:nuts:

    i dont have no. handy but if you call Information, ask for the NM in Sunrise, FL, on Sunrise Blvd.