Patchwork Gennifer in Cherry Tart: opinions???

  1. It's sort of a work-tote-sized version of the Patchwork Ines. What does everyone think? Fabulous? Or a bit too much?

    (pics from BG, NM, NAP)


    Gennifer1.JPG Gennifer2.JPG Gennifer3.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! I think it's a beautiful bag. I don't think it's too much - I'd wear it with dark denim and minimal jewelry to highlight the hardware. :drool:
  3. Cherry Tart is a stunning color. I always love big bags and this one is no different. So pretty!
  4. Ooooh, I like. Is it degrade with a fade color scheme like the Prada bags this season or does the first pic just make it look that way?
  5. ^^^Have you seen the color IRL? Just curious, because this shade of red appears different in different photos. I'm hoping its not too orange-y.
  6. I don't think it's too much, it's fab!
  7. I love the color!
  8. i really like this bag and in this color too, i was thinking of getting it in june next year.
  9. The bag is gorgeous but I would prefer it in a different color. I love red bags but when I saw the cherry tart IRL it was too bright for my taste.
  10. too bright!!
  11. Too bright for me
  12. Cosmo, I've seen Cherrytart IRL and I think it's a gorgeous color. It is a strong red, but it's a true cherry and not orange-y at all. I'd say it most closely resembles the third picture in your post. It all depends on whether you want a statement bag that will catch everyone's eye because the combination of the color and hardware with the size of the Gennifer would make it a real standout.
  13. I loooove it! I think it's a gorgeous color - but I also love bright colors and big bags!
  14. It looks like a larger version of the Ines. I prefer the smaller size, but it's good for work! The color is gorgeous too!
  15. not a fan. too large (for me). the patent and the patchwork + chains = too overwhelming for my body