Patchwork flap

  1. Has anyone seen this bag anywhere? I am desperatly looking for one and all the Neiman's have shipped them out to their last call and warehouse stores since it was on sale. I know I waited too long, but if anyone happens to see one or has seen one recently please let me know thanks!!!
  2. thanks for posting those eBay links, but I would perfer not to go through eBay, thanks again though!
  3. Hey,

    I just posted a thread about the patchwork, i found one offered for 1300 USD at

    Check it out!
  4. the link doesnt work?
  5. If you're really determined you could just start calling all of the NM Last Call stores. You have to check each one individually. I tracked downa pair of Missoni pants that way once. Time comsuming, but worth it in the end!
  6. Thanks for responding! That is what I did today and no luck :sad: I'm gonna try to call other dept. stores tommorw though.