Patchwork Double Frame Coin Purse

  1. I found on ebay the patchwork frame coin purse that I wanted that I'd seen at (and ONLY at) the Beverly Hills Coach store (the one that popped up on the ugliest fakes/authenticate this threads because no one had ever seen it). The one that I came across was actually in the colors I wanted - not the indigo patchwork and for about 75% of what the original price was when I saw it in Beverly Hills.

    Its called "Patchwork Double Frame Coin Purse" and measures about 5.5 x 4 inches. I love it! So excited it showed up and from a reputable seller!!!

    Now if only that coach mirror I also picked up on ebay last week would show up!
    coin 1.jpg coin 2.jpg
  2. That is adorable! It looks so roomy too, congratulations!
  3. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks! I'm so excited I found it. I was SOOOO mad at myself for not buying it when I was in Beverly Hills. You probably couldn't tell from the pics but it actually has a couple of card slots in the one side of the it could totally be used as a wallet too...and look beautiful if you just want to pull it out of your bag to run errands or go to lunch or something. I think even my cell will fit in it...although not when I upgrade that to a sidekick later this year!
  5. SO CUTE! It will come in handy!
  6. that's really cute. glad you got it!
  7. that is cute, very useful!
  8. ME too!!
  9. I love the frame coin purse so beautiful. that the one that they also made of the denim was very limited?
  10. Very cute!!!
  11. Yup...the indigo one showed up on the boards in the "ugliest" fakes a while back....probably because almost NO one had seen it. Even some of the coach stores I went into looking for it the SAs couldn't figure out what I was talking about. But since I'd SEEN it in a coach store and not bought it I knew it was real!! I'm excited becaues although the indigo is beautiful (I bought a different bag in it) I really wanted it in these colors!!!!!